Elephant Sessel von Bernard Rancillac, 1985

7 000.00 EUR
This model Elephant lounge chair was designed by French artist Bernard Rancillac in 1966 and was produced in France in 1985. This chair is the 12th of a small production of 100 that was made that year. It is made of one molded piece of fiberglass, shaped like an elephant while retaining all the important features for a comfortable seating experience. The strong base is made of black lacquered metal. It is signed ´´Rancillac, 12/100´´ underneath. The piece remains in good original condition. Bernard Rancillac is a French visual artist, painter, and sculptor; he was born in 1931 in Paris where he still lives and works. Rancillac works as a painter; he knew how to quickly overcome the dependence on the photographic document and recreate, by the transposition of space and photo lighting in equivalent terms, but into painting. His color palette is divided into contrasting plans with vivid accents. Their articulation in the spatial organization of the canvas always follows a strict sense of rhythm and measure that could be an example even for the masters of geometric abstraction. This stylistic attitude situates the figurative work of Bernard Rancillac close from the cold abstraction of the hard edge. It opposes it to the figurative art of the 1950s, that avoided the worries of the time through an expression that was more interested in the past, searching for a lost hardiness, and having lost its meaning. The practice of Rancillac is at the crossing between art history and history; the fact that it has always expressed life through art and brought art into life, with determination, and without any compromise, refusing pictorial conformism, through the most accessible medium to those who are usually the most disadvantaged when confronted to art, will always be recognized as a great merit of the artist.